TAGOtogo is serving Japanese "Mother's Taste" foods.  


We select our seasonal vegetables carefully that do not use chemical and fishes and meats without antibiotic.  We strive to use seasonal ingredients.  


We cook everything from scratch and serve fresh meals to you.  


Shoku Iku (Food Education for family)


Maki Sushi dinner at home with family: It was a family dinner staple. 


Sushi rice, fishes, vegetables and Nori seaweeds on a big plate over the table, and everyone made your own sushi with your own creativity.  It was a lot of rice with a little bit of vegetables and fishes, it was a very tiny bit of sushi rice with a big Maguro wrapped with Nori seaweed.  Everyone was a professional Sushi Chef at that night.  It was my childhood memory.....


TAGOtogo's philosophy is to taste, feel, and be pleased through Japanese flavors.  We casually introduce a homestyle Maki Sushi lesson and Onigiri lesson through a birthday party and group workshop.  You can feel sushi rice, ingredients, and seaweeds by hands and make your own maki sushi!   









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Maki Sushi/ Onigiri Birthday Party

Would you like to learn how to make Maki Sushi/Onigiri

on your birthday?  

Please inquire for more detail!!!

Private Catering for Party

Would you like to have a small party with your family and your friends?  Please inquire for more detail!!! 


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