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Welcome Lycee Rochambeau Parent Community Volunteers: Please Sign-up to Help TAGOtogo Lunch Distribu

There has been numerous request from the Lycee Rochambeau parent community for TAGOtogo to deliver lunches on Tuesdays in addition to our already successful Fridays. A proportion of the parents have also asked TAGOtogo to deliver bentos everyday.

While TAGOtogo is very grateful for the Lycee Rochambeau's parent support, in order to make these request a reality, we need parent volunteers to help with the lunch distribution beginning with Tuesdays in Forest and Rollingwood.

In partnership with the Parent Association, Leadership Stakeholders (Administration and Board Members), we'll then look into the possibility of meeting the parent's request of delivering everyday.

After all, it's the effort of the parent community that is truly helping TAGOtogo continue to deliver nothing but healthy, fresh, natural, and organic ingredients that is truly authentically Japanese.

Feedback from the parent community has been very helpful, as we strive to continuously improve our service delivery as well as expand our menu items from vegetarian, fish, poultry, and beef items - the Lycee Rochambeau parent/faculty has been the voice of our continued success!

Please click on the the SignUpGenius to signup to volunteer for TAGOtogo lunch deliveries.

If you have additional questions please email us directly by going to the "Contact" of the TAGOtogo website. section.

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